‘can’t believe how much ghosting hurts’


Drew Barrymore talks struggles of dating: ‘can’t believe how much ghosting hurts’

Drew Barrymore opened up about her dating life in this week’s issue of People Magazine.

Currently, Barrymore has got her hands full as a host of The Drew Barrymore Show, her Drew’s News podcast as well as running her Flower Beauty and Beautiful home line which does not leave much time for her love life.

“I’m such a mom and I’m so under the workload and I love being with my friends and I love being alone, so where does [dating] fit in? I struggle with it,” she said. “My kids aren’t old enough and my life isn’t quiet enough.”

However, when she does date, the actress, 47, faces some of the same pitfalls as everyone else. “I can’t believe how much ghosting hurts,” she shared. “For anyone who’s been ghosted out there and they feel like a brush fire went through their bodies, I totally get it. It is so strange that someone would behave that way.”

And some nights feel doomed from the start. “I’ve gone on dates where I’m like, ‘Oh my God, why did I say yes to dinner? Why do I not know: Don’t do dinner. Because we haven’t ordered yet and I don’t want to be here’,” she continued.

“It’s tough to sit down when you have so few nights off or to yourself, and you sit down, you’re like, ‘S–t, I don’t want to be here,'” she added. “That in itself will make you not want to date.”

Moreover, Barrymore’s celebrity status doesn’t make things easier as well. “People don’t ask me out a lot. It’s not like I have all these offers or names on my dance card. That’s not the way my life works,” she said.

And she’s not looking for a hookup either. “I don’t want to meet someone to have sex with them. I’m happy to go on a date and get to know somebody,” she expressed. “I’m not in that place anymore that’s just looking to hook up. That doesn’t even make sense to me right now.”

Still, “every once in a while, I’ll go on a date because it’s a very human, natural thing to do,” she says. “I feel like it would be unhealthy to cut it out completely, so I’m trying it to just the normal female, single [thing].”

Fortunately, she always sees at least one upside to even the worst dates, “I love the stories that come out of it.”

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