Big Mouth star Lee Jong Suk calls girlfriend IU his ‘Kang Dan-i,’ confesses to loving her since his 20s


Lee Jong Suk calls girlfriend IU his ‘Kang Dan-i’

K-drama star Lee Jong Suk and singer-actress IU are dating! The duo’s labels confirmed the news yesterday (December 31) and fans have been celebrating ever since. Following their respective labels’ formal statements, Lee Jong Suk and IU revealed more details about their relationship through letters to their fans. Heaping praises from one another, one can’t believe that they’ve only been dating for four months!

Lee Jong Suk calls IU his Kang Dan-i

Taking to Fan Cafe, Lee Jong Suk posted a sweet message about his new girlfriend. After thanking fans for their support throughout 2022, the actor went on to address the dating news. Confessing he had been in love with IU since his 20s, the actor wrote, “We first met when I was around my mid-20s and it was puppy love, but I had regrets as it couldn’t be achieved. We were friends for a long time and now it turned out like this.”

Calling her his Kang Dan-i, Jong Suk further added, “Even when I was working hard living my own way, she was a strange existence who always took up a corner of my heart. She is an amazing person who helps me with my path and concerns of life as a friend, is someone I can rely on, is younger but sometimes feels older, and is like a grown adult but also someone I want to protect. Now she makes me want to be a better person.”

Hoping that his fans wouldn’t be upset at IU, the actor concluded his letter saying, “I hope you will watch us with warmth. Happy New Year and I love you always.”

IU finds Lee Jong Suk cute

IU wrote a letter to her fans as well! Wishing them a prosperous new year, the Lilac singer expressed her admiration for Jong Suk. “He was a colleague for a long time, and we are building up positive feelings while relying on each other. He is a reliable and cute person who has supported me for a long time, always told me I’m amazing, and sent me sincere encouragement,” she wrote.

Wishing her fandom well, the singer-actress apologized for the sudden news. However, fans were quick to show their support for her relationship.

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