Best Online Dating Sites & Apps For Singles In 2022


Since more than half of the world’s total population is now on the internet, it’s hardly surprising that people are hoping to meet singles online that they can date.

After all, since everyone spends so much time on it anyway, there are high chances of meeting one’s soul mate online…. don’t you think? However, it is not always about finding a soul mate. 

Sometimes, it is also about looking for short-term relationships or more commonly known as casual dating. Many sites out there claim they can link you up with the ideal partner, but few of these can deliver on these claims in ways that you would expect. 

Therefore, in this article, we will take you through our reviews of the best online dating sites so you can decide which of these you would like to try out. 

Top 5 Online Dating Sites To Meet Someone Online

  1. eHarmony: Most Trusted Dating Site To Find A Perfect Match Online
  2. Seeking: Highly Recommended Website For Serious Relationship & Online Dating 
  3. Senior Sizzle: Overall Best Dating Site For Singles; Editor’s Pick
  4. Coomeet: Popular Online Dating Service To Help People Find Real Love 
  5. Whats Your Price: Best Online Platform For Real Life Casual Dating 

#1. eHarmony – Most Trusted Dating Site To Find A Perfect Match Online 

In a very short time, eHarmony has established itself as one of the leading dating sites in the world. After Tinder, this site could be considered the best bet for finding partners with similar interests. The best part of using this site for many users is that it’s easy for them to find long-term partners on it. 

In other words, if you are looking to commit to a serious relationship, you are very likely to find someone on eHarmony who shares your values and beliefs. Over the years since its inception, this service has provided users with the kind of tools that consistently improve in quality. For instance, the tools that it has for users to filter through various search results to find people with similar interests and backgrounds are truly impressive. 

You only need to take one look at the kind of search results that this site provides you with to realize how diverse your choice can be. People of different races, ethnicities, religious beliefs and more are often looking for suitable partners on the sites. Therefore, it is no surprise that this service has so many touching success stories of people who found lasting love on it. 

The beauty of this site lies in its versatility as well. We mentioned earlier that eHarmony is perfect for serious relationships, but that doesn’t mean that everyone on the site is looking to get married or commit long-term. Instead, many users are simply looking to casually date or take things one step at a time, so if that’s something you are looking for, then you’ll find eHarmony useful there as well. 


  • It is the perfect site for users who are looking to enter into long-term relationships. 
  • There are various people from ranging backgrounds, ethnicities and more that register on the site. 
  • Many users also register here to look for casual relationships. 
  • It has compatibility tests that help narrow your search results. 
  • Most users on the site are highly educated and focused on their careers.


  • You can only use the site if you purchase a subscription. 
  • You are more likely to find users who want long-term than short-term relationships on this site.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of eHarmony

#2. Seeking Arrangement – Highly Recommended Website For Serious Relationship & Online Dating

Seeking Arrangement has grown so popular lately that it’s almost synonymous with sugar dating, now. However, it’s not that all users on the site are looking for sugar babies or daddies; many of them find casual or serious dating partners on it as well. 

Having said that, we may as well admit that if you’re looking for a serious relationship, Seeking Arrangement isn’t the first service that we’d recommend you try. 

Even though this site is popular, it receives its fair share of negative reviews because it facilitates rather cold dating arrangements. One might go so far as to say that there’s no romance in the kind of dating that this service promotes. 

If you take one look across the site, you’re sure to find that most users on it are younger women looking to hook up with men who are far older and wealthier than they are. 

Men who wish to use this site have to fulfill certain criteria, all of which are related to how much money they make. In this way, the site effectively weeds out men who can’t be considered sugar daddies in the traditional sense. 

Besides, women use this site for free, making it easier than ever for older men to find women they’re interested in hooking up with when they start using the site. 


  • It facilitates convenient casual arrangements between younger women (sugar babies) and older, wealthier men (sugar daddies).
  • Women who wish to use this service can do so for free. 
  • Only men who are considered wealthy and fall into the sugar daddy category are allowed to join the site. 


  • It’s not ideal for men who are unwilling to spend too much on a dating service.
  • The kind of arrangements that this site facilitates are rather cold and clinical.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Seeking

#3. Senior Sizzle– Overall Best Dating Site For Singles; Editor’s Pick

This site is generally considered as being among the most popular dating sites that are available today. One of the reasons this site is so popular is that it’s been around for longer than most other dating sites. So, if you are looking for a mature partner to date, then this site should be perfect for you. 

One of the most impressive features of this site is that it allows you to narrow down your search results based on the kind of dating arrangement that you would like to indulge in. So, for instance, if you are not comfortable with being polygamous, you can choose to look for people who share your belief in monogamy and only connect with such users. 


  • Find lovers in your area.
  • Instant messenger and two-way webcam to enhance your dating experience.
  • Multiple profile options to browse through.
  • You can choose from many membership options on the site that suit a range of budgets. 


  • Some membership plans are quite expensive. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Senior Sizzle

#4. Coomeet– Popular Online Dating Service To Help People Find Real Love

The fact that this site is geared toward those who are looking to cheat on their partners doesn’t sit well with many people. After all, it’s a discreet dating service that allows users who are either married or in committed relationships to hook up with other users who are looking for something that’s no-strings-attached. 

A feature of this site that most people who use it find appealing is that it has a range of users on it. Everyone from students and working professionals to housewives and married men are registered on the site. The main aim of this company is that it wants users to connect without fear of getting caught and without fear of facing any judgment. 


  • The company has various ways and means by which it keeps your information private and your affairs secret.
  • Users don’t judge each other since the service markets itself as being one for committed people. 
  • Women on the site can use it for free. 
  • The site caters to users of different age groups and preferences. 


  • Those who are morally upstanding are unlikely to be impressed with a service that encourages cheating. 
  • Nearly no one on the site would be willing to commit to a serious relationship since they’re already in one. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Coomeet

#5. Whats Your Price– Best Online Platform For Real Life Casual Dating

Whats Your Price has established a reputation as a dating app that attracts highly educated singles looking for love and is simple to use. Users can search for matches quickly, talk with one other, and schedule meetings from anywhere in the U.S.

You are sure to meet someone who shares your interests on the site, which has thousands of educated individuals looking for love right now.

Before deciding whether someone is a good fit for you, you can look through the vast database of member profiles on Whats Your Price to learn more about each one’s personality and interests.

Before deciding whether someone is a good fit for you, you can look through the vast database of member profiles on Whats Your Price to learn more about each one’s personality and interests.

It’s simple to get in touch with someone right away after you’ve located someone who fits the bill. So that people can see how you look, you can send them messages using the messaging section of the platform or images using the photo upload feature.

Whats Your Price pairs singles according to their compatibility, which is assessed using a point system that awards points to each participant based on common values, hobbies and activities. You gain points for sharing more with other members.

The website will let your possible date know about any subjects that are important to you both (such as politics or religion) so there won’t be any awkward silences when it’s time for a date.


  • Individualized matches
  • Special membership
  • Available feature for pre-made profiles


  • Limited system of reviews
  • Minimalist style

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Whats Your Price

How To Stay Safe On Online Dating Sites For Free Chat?

There are many factors to take into account before you decide to connect with someone you came across on a dating site or app. The foremost of these factors is your safety, which is why we’re here to share with you some tips that you can use to stay safe on these platforms. 

Don’t Get Drunk 

This may sound like obvious advice, but you shouldn’t undermine its importance all the same. More often than not, people who meet online decide to have their first date in a bar or restaurant, so it’s only natural if either of you wonder whether you should consume alcohol. In such a situation, it would be wise to overlook what social convention dictates and prioritize your safety instead. 

In other words, it’s highly recommended that you remain sober on your first date, so you don’t allow the person that you’re meeting to take any liberties with you that you aren’t comfortable with. 

Trust Your Instincts 

Even if you’re meeting someone for the first time, there’s a part of your brain that registers the smallest gestures that they make and allows you to form an impression based on their body language and words. 

Therefore, it’s entirely possible to gauge certain personality traits in people even with a brief meeting, regardless of the conflicting views out there that discredit this notion. 

If your date is going well and you gradually begin to feel uneasy or unsettling, it’s perfectly alright to excuse yourself as politely as possible and leave. Remember, you don’t owe it to anyone to spend more time with them than you’re comfortable with. 

Guard Your Private Information 

Under no circumstances should you be willing to share information about yourself that can be considered private with someone you’ve only just met. That includes your home address, office address, travel routes, etc. In other words, sharing any information that can make you vulnerable to stalking, or worse, should be kept strictly off the table. 

It’s not just stalking that’s a concern here, however. It’s also the fact that many people fall prey to scams that involve baiting people out on dates and stealing their money using subtle manipulation techniques. 

Therefore, it would be advisable for you to take it upon yourself to stay alert and not give out any more details about yourself to your date than you need to. 

Evaluate Your Meeting Point

It is always safer to go out on a date when you get to decide on the venue. However, if your date is the one choosing your meeting point, then you should ideally evaluate whether or not it’s a safe locality or area to visit. This is especially true if you’re not very familiar with the area. 

If you have your doubts about the meeting point, suggest an alternative location (preferably a public place) where it’ll be safer to travel to and from. Also, make sure you arrange suitable means of transportation that’ll allow you to leave whenever you would like to. 

The last thing you would want to happen on a first date is to be stranded with someone you’re not comfortable with, and you depend on them to drop you home. 

FAQs On Online Dating Sites & Apps:

Now that we’re done with our sites’ reviews and listed a few tips to help you stay safe on dating platforms, let us now examine a few FAQs related to online dating, shall we?

Q1 – Are Online Dating Sites Free?

  1. Not always, no. Sure, you can join many of these sites for free, but certain features like messaging or calling other users are those that you’ll have to pay for. However, certain sites are free for women to use, such as Seeking Arrangement. 

Besides, you’re sure to find many sites on this list that offer very reasonably priced membership options. However, as a general rule, the sites that charge you more for membership are usually those that take the pains to verify user-profiles and connect you with the best matches. 

Q2 – Will I Be Safe on A Dating Website?

  1. After all the horror stories of dates gone wrong on these sites that you may have heard over the years, it’s only natural to wonder if using these sites is safe. Mostly, yes, your personal information is more than likely to stay safe on a dating site or app. However, this depends on the reputation of the service that you’re using. 

If a service is free and offers you many great features, chances are it doesn’t spend money on verifying profiles and implementing other safety measures to protect users. Therefore, it would be wise to steer clear of such sites and only use those that verify user details, even if such sites charge you for membership. 

Q3 – How Successful Is Online Dating?

  1. The answer to this question depends on your definition of dating success. In turn, your definition of dating success depends on what you’re looking for on a dating site. Are you looking for a casual or serious relationship? 

Are you looking to date? One partner or multiple partners? Would you like to meet partners who share your race and ethnicity or opt for an interracial relationship?

Regardless of how you answered these questions, online dating has repeatedly proven itself to be successful at helping users find exactly what they’re looking for. 

Wrapping Up On Choosing The Best Online Dating Sites 

Finally, online dating services are all the rage these days, and they are very likely to stay that way for years, maybe even decades to come. 

Therefore, if you are looking to begin a relationship – casual or serious – but are hesitant to try out an online dating platform, know that the sites we have covered above are quite safe. 

Besides, these sites have helped millions of users find the kind of relationships they were looking to establish.

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