Asians Share Worst Things Non-Asians Have Told Them While Dating



“I was dating a white guy and saw an email he’d written to a friend describing me (okay, yes, I was snooping): ‘She’s half Chinese but really pretty. … She looks more white than Asian.’ This happened almost 20 years ago, and clearly, this guy was a loser. However, I still get worked up when I think about this. I hate to admit that I didn’t break up with him on the spot (hello, low self-esteem and internalized racism) and that it took even more red flags before I finally cut him loose.”

“Nevertheless, I’m glad that I finally woke up, worked on my relationship with myself, and figured out what I will and won’t stand for. I’m a much better and healthier version of myself because of it.” 

—Lisa, 41, Female, Florida

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