Are Victoria and Greg dating?


Tonight on the Bachelor in Paradise 8 finale, we are going to get answers to one of the most random storylines in recent memory. Is Victoria Fuller actually dating Greg Grippo from Katie Thurston’s season?

If you have followed a lot of big-time Bachelor Nation gossip circles for a while, there’s been evidence out there, including the photos of the two of them together in Italy. Of course, all of this is made all the messier thanks to what we’ve seen with Victoria and Johnny this season. On last night’s episode, they made all of these proclamations of love and planned out their future together! Of course, none of that guaranteed that they’d still be with one another at the end of the day.

Even before the episode aired tonight, there were questions all about how much Greg would be focused on, but numerous promos did feature Jesse Palmer bringing him up in a chat with Victoria. He wasn’t going to be scrubbed from the episode, which makes sense if he and Victoria are in some sort of relationship.

Of course, we also imagine that Johnny’s reaction will be a part of this. Could we be getting on board a freight train of chaos tonight with all of this? Sure, but it’s also equally possible that nothing is anywhere near as dramatic as it seems.

Stay tuned; we’ll have more updates on this episode as we dive further into it.

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What did you expect to see for Victoria and Greg entering the Bachelor in Paradise season 8 finale?

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