Are MAFS UK stars Matt Murray and Marilyse Corrigan dating?


The pair have been on holiday together!

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Despite entering the Married At First Sight UK process as a late arrival, Matt Murray certainly brought the drama to the 2022 series. After originally being paired with Gemma Rose by the experts, Matt re-entered the process alongside Whitney Hughes, after the pair found a connection behind their original partner’s backs.

But despite telling each other they loved one another after just a number of weeks, fans were shocked to see that Matt and Whitney had split when the reunion show aired last week.

Although it was clear to see the pair still had some connection during the emotional scenes, Matt revealed he had too much going on in his life to work things out, due to his mum being seriously ill.

HOWEVER, fast forward a few months from when the reunion show was filmed, and Matt has sparked rumours he’s now dating 2021 cast member Marilyse Corrigan.

Sharing a number of photos together from a holiday in Turkey, Matt wrote: ‘Lovely week, great hotel and staff and great company.

‘Thank you ❤️’. (sic)

You’ll remember Marilyse from last year’s Married At First Sight UK, where she married fitness coach Franky Spencer. And whilst Franky moved back to the UK from Dubai to be with Marilyse, the pair confirmed they’d split in October last year, remaining good friends.

After seeing Matt and Marilyse enjoying a holiday together, MAFS UK fans were quick to comment on the post, asking if the pair were dating.

One wrote: ‘Ooo we all want to know if use are an item?’, with another adding: ‘U two an item? X’. (sic)

Other were quick to assume Matt and Marilyse are dating, with many sending well wishes for their apparent relationship. One added: ‘Good luck in your new relationship’, with another writing: ‘Obsessed with you two fitties 😍😍😍’. (sic)

Check out which MAFS UK couples are still together:

Chanita and Jordan

29-year-old Social Worker Chanita married 29-year-old Account Manager Jordan during the 2022 series.

The pair immediately hit it off at their wedding, with their families also getting along very nicely. Chanita and Jordan then enjoyed their honeymoon in Mauritius, with zero issues.

During the first commitment ceremony, Chanita and Jordan looked happier than ever, admitting they are loving each other’s company and both deciding to stay.

The pair were met with their first issues during ‘yes week’, after Chanita revealed she thought Jordan had ADHD, something he got very upset over. Despite admitting they’d had a bad week together, the pair both chose to stay during the second commitment ceremony.

It was all change for Chanita and Jordan during the third commitment ceremony, with the pair both looking visibly happy whilst admitting their relationship is currently a 9/10.

The couple enjoyed another drama free week during the retreat, making it an easy decision to stay during the fourth commitment ceremony.

Despite a small hiccup when Jordan confessed he wouldn’t move in with Chanita until he was at the ‘love’ stage, the pair enjoyed successful home stays, and both chose to stay during the final commitment ceremony.

During the final vow ceremony, Chanita admitted she can’t wait to start life as a couple outside the experiment, whilst Jordan promised Chanita he is willing to open his heart and life to her.

Are Chanita and Jordan still together now?
The pair shocked fans by walking into the reunion dinner alone, before telling their co-stars they’d split not long after the final vows. Although the pair are amicable, Chanita broke down in tears during a chat with Jordan in the reunion episode, admitting she wishes he’d told her his true feelings before the final vow ceremony.

Whitney and Matt

Following their ‘affair’, Whitney and Matt asked the experts if they could re-join the experiment as a new couple. Despite viewers of the show urging the experts to send the pair home, Whitney and Matt were put back into the experiment as a dating couple.

After meeting each other’s friends, Whitney and Matt shocked their fellow contestants by confessing their love for each other, and later revealed how happy they were together during the final commitment ceremony to the experts.

Unsurprisingly, Matt and Whitney chose to stay together during their final vows, pouring their hearts and feelings out to each other.

Are Matt and Whitney still together?
Although it looked like these two would make it, the pair showed up to the reunion episode separately, with Whitney admitting the distance between the pair wasn’t working out. However, the pair did both admit that when they don’t have so much going on, they may try and work things out.

Jenna and Zoe

32-year-old Jenna from Blackpool and 30-year-old Zoe from West Midlands made history when they became the first lesbian couple to feature on MAFS UK.

The pair were very happy on their wedding day and later jetted off to Iceland on their honeymoon, where they clashed over Veganism.

Viewers were left worried when Zoe showed up to the first dinner party alone, but she was quick to reveal Jenna was unable to attend due to suffering from Coronavirus, admitting ‘things are going well’.

Jenna was back alongside Zoe for the first commitment ceremony, where the couple admitted they are having zero issues in the intimacy department. After revealing they worked out their differences in a good way, the pair both chose to stay in the experiment.

Although ‘yes week’ didn’t exactly go to plan for Jenna and Zoe, with more arguments over Jenna being a vegan, the pair both chose to stay, admitting they believe they can get over the arguments.

Zoe and Jenna confessed they’d had a better week during the third commitment ceremony, but Zoe aired concerns that the pair never have a good laugh when alone. This didn’t sit well with Jenna, who later called Zoe out for dropping issues onto her in public. The pair both chose to stay.

During the fourth commitment ceremony, Jenna and Zoe confirmed they were looking forward to the home stay week, both deciding to stay.

Zoe and Jenna’s different opinions on having children was once again re-visited during the home stays, but the pair both decided to just enjoy the then and now, both choosing to stay during the final commitment ceremony.

When the final vows took place, both Jenna and Zoe brought up their differences of wanting a family, as well as living situations, but the girls both acknowledged that while they had tough choices to make about their future, it would eventually be worth it.

Are Jenna and Zoe still together?
Fans were buzzing to see both Jenna and Zoe rock up to the reunion dinner together, declaring their love for each other. The pair have also been sharing cute photos together on social media.

April and George

32-year-old April, who has appeared on a number of reality TV shows in the past, was paired with 40-year-old Financial Advisor George.

Despite George dropping the bombshell he’s a dad-of-four just moments after the wedding, the pair seemingly got along very well.

However, things took a turn on the honeymoon when April kissed a female hotel guest during a game of dares in the hot tub, with George going on to say he was devastated he’d been ‘cheated’ on. Despite this, the pair seemed to make up, but April wasn’t best pleased when George told their co-stars about the kiss during the first dinner party.

Despite this, the couple expressed their affection for each other at the first commitment ceremony and admitted they’d like to stay to see where the experiment takes them.

‘Yes week’ was very successful for April and George, and despite April missing the second dinner party due to an illness, George defended his girl over drama surrounding Thomas and Chanita. The couple then chose to stay during the second commitment ceremony.

Despite a good week, April broke down on the sofa during the third commitment ceremony, with George admitting he’s not sure if their relationship would work outside of the experiment. Despite this, the pair both agreed they think they could overcome their issues, and therefore decided to stay for another week.

Despite being told they are in a ‘fake’ relationship by Thomas and being involved in a number of tense arguments, George and April both decided to stay ahead of the home stays week.
After successful home stays, April and George revealed they were in a great place, with April praising George for being there for her. The pair both agreed they definitely have love for each other, with both choosing to stay in the experiment.

The couple then declared their affection for each other during the final vow ceremony, with April admitting she was falling in love with George.

Are April and George still together?
Although the pair were still together during the reunion episode, which was filmed at the end of July, in recent weeks, reports have suggested that George was arrested on suspicion of controlling and coercive behaviour. It’s also been reported that April has now moved back to her London home, where she’s undergoing therapy.

Although George has remained silent on the matter, April has now confirmed the pair have split. Announcing the news on Unveiled, she said she was: “Ready to kiss a few more frogs before I find my prince.”

Sophie and Jonathan

26-year-old Sophie and 32-year-old Jonathan were the other late arrivals to the experiment, getting married in front of their closest friends and family.

Although the pair seemed to be from totally different background and have totally different tastes on first look, the pair hit it off immediately, enjoying their honeymoon together in Portugal.

Sophie and Jonathan looked very happy together during their first dinner party, where they met their fellow cast mates for the first time, before both choosing to stay during their first commitment ceremony.

The pair endured their first problems during the retreat, when Jonathan made comments about Sophie going to the gym, as well as him admitting he wasn’t yet feeling a sexual connection. Despite this, the couple both chose to stay.

Sophie and Jonathan met each other’s friends and family during the home stays, where Jonathan was grilled on his future by Sophie’s dad. But after admitting they’d taken the pressure off and were a lot happier, the pair chose to stay during the final commitment ceremony.
Despite Jonathan’s words sounding like he was ready to walk away from Sophie during the final vow ceremony, both chose to carry on their relationship on the outside.

Are Sophie and Jonathan still together?
Despite revealing they tried following the experiment, Sophie and Jonathan turned up separately to the reunion dinner, with Sophie later posting on social media that she is now single.

Adrian and Thomas

37-year-old Digital Designer Adrian was matched with 31-year-old Mental Health Care Assistant Thomas, with both boys from Liverpool.

Despite the pair being happy with each other at the alter, things took a turn during the wedding reception when Adrian’s best friend gave Thomas a grilling.

The pair jetted off to Mexico on their honeymoon where they endured a massive falling out, after Thomas accused Adrian of ‘holding back’. The pair fell out again when Adrian dubbed Thomas ‘manipulative’, but after talking out their issues, they return back to the UK on good terms.

The couple both chose to stay during the first commitment ceremony, but later that night they fell out and endured an explosive argument over their fellow co-star’s drama.

After making up following the first ceremony, Adrian and Thomas enjoyed a successful ‘yes week’, but things kicked off again during the second commitment ceremony. After Thomas broke down in tears about the abuse he’s suffered in the past, Adrian supported his man and chose to stay, with Thomas ripping up his initial decision to leave to stay in the experiment.

Intimacy week worked wonders for Adrian and Thomas, with Thomas even dubbing it the ‘best week ever’. The pair both chose to stay during the third commitment ceremony and looked happy than ever.

Despite Thomas getting involved in more drama during the retreat, the pair confessed at the fourth commitment ceremony that they were very happy together, with Thomas admitting he’s more than happy to wait for a sexual romance until Adrian is 100% ready.

However, after meeting each other’s family and friends during the home stays, Thomas was advised by his mum to end things with Adrian, due to the lack of intimacy in their relationship. When the final commitment ceremony arrived, despite admitting he always wants to be friends and stay in touch with Adrian, Thomas chose to leave. There was yet another twist for the couple when Adrian revealed his true feelings, choosing to stay, which in turn changed Thomas’ mind.

Despite this, the pair didn’t make it to the final vows, making the decision to split and end their journey during the final dinner party, in very emotional scenes.

Are Adrian and Thomas still together?
Although the pair aren’t together romantically, Adrian and Thomas have remained the best of friends.

Kasia and Kwame

42-year-old Kwame was matched with 36-year-old businesswoman Kasia.

The pair both had a doubt with their match and Kwame didn’t exactly make the best impression with his in-laws. Kasia was later left shocked by Kwame’s ‘sex ban’ on the night of their wedding.

Despite this, the couple jetted off to the Maldives on their honeymoon and later attended the first dinner party together.

Despite revealing some of their differences during the first commitment ceremony, Kasia and Kwame both decided to stay, admitting they hope they can turn their friendship into something more.

Following an argument over their intimacy during the second dinner party, which led them to staying in different apartments, things were a little awkward for Kasia and Kwame during the second commitment ceremony. However, the pair admitted they were both willing to work on their romance for another week.

Intimacy week worked wonders for Kasia and Kwame, who enjoyed their best week yet thanks to sex expert Charlene. The pair, who were beaming with smiles during the third commitment ceremony, both chose to stay.

Despite Kwame thinking the pair’s relationship would work better outside of the experiment, he agreed to stay for another week at the request of Kasia.

Are Kasia and Kwame still together?
After Kwame refused to let Kasia into his home during the home stays, he was grilled by her sisters, which resulted in them advising Kasia to end things. During the final commitment ceremony, Kasia made the decision to leave, and despite Kwame initially saying he’d like to stay, after hearing Kasia’s reasons, he also agreed to leave the experiment.

Jess and Pjay

The experts chose to pair 31-year-old Dental Hygienist Jess with 31-year-old dancer/performer Pjay, and it looked like it was love at first sight thanks to their joint love for Harry Potter.

Although Pjay was nervous to tell Jess he had a young son, it was the bombshell that he’s a stripper which really caused issues. After discovering the news, Jess stormed out of the wedding ceremony and confessed she didn’t want to go on honeymoon with Pjay.

However, after speaking things out with Pjay, the pair jetted off on their honeymoon where Jess broke down at dinner whilst opening up about her ex who cheated on her with a close family member.

The couple both decided to stay during the first commitment ceremony, despite Pjay admitting he’s been holding back out of fear.

Are Jess and Pjay still together?
Despite enjoying each other’s company during ‘yes week’, Jess admitted she saw the relationship more as a friendship, before going on to reveal she wanted to leave. After Pjay asked if there was anything worth fighting for, and Jess responded by saying “no”, Pjay also chose to leave the experiment.

Despite this, the pair rocked up to the reunion dinner together, revealing they are great friends.

Lara and Richie

The experts made the decision to pair 49-year-old waitress Lara with 51-year-old former rock band star Richie.

Despite Lara being married and divorced twice, this will be Richie’s first taste of a long-term relationship, which alarmed Lara. Despite this, the pair seemed to get on during the wedding ceremony, with Richie also getting the seal of approval by one of Lara’s sons.

The pair later travelled to Bavaria for their honeymoon, where Lara was left scared by the pace Richie wanted to take their relationship.

Richie got emotional during the first commitment ceremony, admitting he’s prepared to change his ways for his wife. After seeing his commitment to the relationship, Lara also chose to stay.

Are Lara and Richie still together?
Although ‘yes week’ started well for Lara and Richie, things took a turn when the pair showed up at the dinner party separate. During the second commitment ceremony, the pair both revealed it would be ‘cruel’ for both to carry on with the experiment, resulting in the pair leaving as friends. At the reunion dinner, the pair revealed they’d had zero contact since the show.

Whitney and Duka

The experts matched 31-year-old Whitney from St Albans and 31-year-old Duka from Birmingham.

It was immediately clear to see Whitney wasn’t happy, with viewers dubbing her attitude ‘rude’ towards Duka. The pair headed off to South Africa where they bickered throughout the holiday, with Whitney even losing her wedding ring and calling Duka ‘fake’.

Things then got heated during the first commitment ceremony, which led to Whitney storming off set in tears. After returning to the sofa, Whitney chose to leave the show, but as Duka made the decision to stay to fight for their relationship, the pair will remain for now.

In a total turnaround, Whitney and Duka were like a different couple during the second commitment ceremony, admitting they’ve enjoyed each other’s company. The pair both chose to stay another week to try and seek an emotional connection together.

However, this didn’t last too long, with Whitney looking very glum during the third commitment ceremony. Despite Duka being more optimistic about their relationship, Whitney expressed she would like him to show more actions rather than just words, with the experts telling Duka he needs to show more emotion towards Whitney. Although Whitney chose to leave, Duka’s decision to stay means the pair will have another week to work on their romance.

Are Whitney and Duka still together?
After having a secret meet up with Matt, Whitney went on to enjoy a kiss with her cast mate, before going on to spend the night with him. After the affair was exposed, both Whitney and Duka chose to leave the process as a couple. Duka has now revealed his dating again.

Gemma and Matt

30-year-old Gemma and 32-year-old Matt were late additions to the experiment, joining the series just before the half-way stage.

With both having passions for tattoos and hairdressing, it had looked like a match made in heaven on their wedding day, with sparks seriously flying! However, as the pair went to Portugal on their honeymoon, Matt started to get annoyed at Gemma’s constant sexual comments, which led to a huge argument.

As the pair met the rest of the cast for the first time during a dinner party, Gemma and Matt endured another argument, which led to Matt storming out of the party.

Although it had looked like things may be over, following their first commitment ceremony with the experts, Gemma and Matt both chose to stay to work on their commutation.

Are Gemma and Matt still together?
After realising he had something with cast mate Whitney, Matt made it clear he’d like to explore his feelings, resulting in the pair spending the night together at the retreat. After Gemma found out about the ‘affair’, both decided to leave the process as a couple.

At the time of publication, Matt or Marilyse are yet to comment on the romance rumours, and it’s not yet clear if the pair are in a relationship or just friends.

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