Are any of the couples from Love Island USA season 2 still together?


Everyone’s watching Love Island USA season 1 now that it’s available to stream on Netflix. After finishing the first season, you’ll most likely move on to Paramount+ to binge-watch Love Island USA season 2. Once you make your way through the second season, you’ll probably want to know if any of the top four couples are still together in 2022. As always, we’ve got you covered!

Love Island USA is arguably one of the best dating reality series. There have been four seasons released so far, with a fifth season in the works. The first three seasons aired on CBS, and then Peacock picked up the show for a fourth and fifth season.

Love Island USA season 2 aired on CBS from August 2020 to September 2020. Like the first season, the second season followed a group of contestants brought to a stunning villa to find love and possibly win a considerable amount of money.

In the finale episode, the runner-ups and winners are announced with the winning couple walking away from the dating show with a $100,000 cash prize. So, are any of the top four couples from the show still in romantic relationships in 2022? Find out below

Love Island USA season 2: Are Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew still together?

Justine and Caleb received the most votes from the public and won the competition. Their win marked the first time a Black couple had won the show across all versions. They were even crowned America’s favorite reality couple.

After receiving the envelope with the cash prize, Caleb chose to split it with Justine and they left the competition $100,000 richer and in love. However, the couple decided to end their relationship a few months after leaving the Las Vegas villa. They publicly announced their split in January 2021 through their respective social media accounts.

Are Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks still together?

Cely and Johnny came in second place during the Love Island USA season 2 finale. On Day 1, Cely spent the day with contestant Tre Forte but ultimately paired with Johnny on Day 2. She remained coupled up with Johnny throughout the rest of the competition.

Cely and Johnny left the show as a couple and were together for a few months until their breakup in January 2021. Their split was shocking to many fans since the couple had posted photos of them together on social media a month before their breakup. Cely had captioned one of the photos, “Never been happier,” while Johnny wrote on another photo, “You’re all I need.”

Are Moira Tumas and Calvin Cobb still together?

Moira and Calvin came in third place in the competition. However, Moira had a bumpy start when finding love on the show. She spent the first week of the completion paired with James McCool before matching with Calvin. But then Moira started making connections with contestants Aaron Owen and Connor Trott while Calvin was getting to know Sher Suarez and Kierstan Saulter. Ultimately, Moira and Calvin made their way back to each other and to the finals.

While Moira and Calvin did walk away from the competition as a couple, they parted ways two months later in November 2020. Moira spoke with People in 2020 about their split and said, “We just got too busy, our schedules didn’t match up, and the distance between us didn’t help either.” Moira was living in New Jersey at the time and Calvin was in Texas.

Are Laurel Goldman and Carrington Rodriguez still together?

Laurel and Carrington took the fourth place spot in the competition. While Laurel didn’t enter the villa until later in the competition, Carrington was already making his rounds with some of the female contestants. But once Laurel joined on Day 16, she and Carrington were paired on Day 19 and remained coupled up all the way to the finale.

After the show wrapped filming, Laurel and Carrington found some way to enjoy time together before they had to go back to their places of residence. Laurel was living in Alabama at the time and Carrington in Utah. They were also spotted in several Instagram photos together after production wrapped.

In a YouTube video posted in November 2020, Laurel mentioned that she and Carrington “were fine” and that they weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend but were instead taking things day by day. She had even traveled to Utah to visit Carrington. But in December 2020, the couple announced their breakup to the world. As of December 2022, Laurel is currently dating a man named Bryce. He owns his own clothing brand called Emotionlesswear.

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