Another woman makes cheating claims against SK following Raven split


She has screenshots which appear to show SK saying ‘I’m single I promise’

Another woman has claimed she was in a relationship with SK from Love Is Blind, whilst he was with Raven from the show. This comes as Raven and SK have announced their split following multiple other cheating allegations made against him.

Two women have previously spoken out about being in relationships with him, and now a third has claimed she too was dating SK in 2019. Posting on Instagram, Jada Rice has claimed she dated SK in 2019 and said she has “been silent until now”. She has shared photos and videos of her and SK together and said she has always known SK was a “serial cheater”.

She said: “I am absolutely heartbroken to hear that so many women were hurt by his antics, but I’ve always known he was a serial cheater after I found hair in his shower drain that was NOT mine. After speaking to another woman, it was also not hers as well.

“Earlier this year, SK told me that he and Raven did not end up together which is why he flew me out to Oakland to be his date for a party. However, not only was he cheating on Hannah, but he was also cheating on Raven simultaneously.” She shared pictures of flights she alleges SK booked for her, and texts where he was helping her to decide what outfit to wear to the “Havana Nights” themed party.

via Instagram @jadarice

Hannah is one of the women who has previously spoken out, and claimed she and SK started dating in 2019 and then broke up, but rekindled things on a trip to Ibiza during the summer of 2021, which would have been just after the filming of Love Is Blind season three. She claimed SK had told her he and Raven were just friends.

“I am so happy this is all coming to light,” Jada continued. “I pray the people he has hurt can heal from this situation.” She also posted pictures of messages which appear to be from SK’s Instagram account, including one showing him insisting “I’m single I promise” and asking her out for dinner.

via Instagram @jadarice

In another post, Jada added: “All this time I was RIGHT. He DOES have a lack of respect for women and it is very evident in his behaviour.” She concluded that “reality TV is fake and so is he”.

Another woman makes cheating claims against SK following split from Raven

via Instagram @jadarice

SK and Raven are yet to formally comment on the cheating rumours, and when announcing their split said they wouldn’t be, for legal reasons. “We are saddened to announce that we have decided to go our separate ways,” they said in the post. “Due to on-going legal proceedings surrounding these allegations, we cannot provide additional details and ask that you please respect our privacy during this hard time.

“Thank you for following our love story and believing in us. This journey has forever shaped our lives and we are so grateful for everyone who has been a part of it. Your love and support means everything.”

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