Amid Dating Rumours With Ankit Gupta, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary Says ‘I’m Open to Finding Love Inside House’


One of the contestants of this season is Udariyaan’s lead pair- Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta. The audience is elated to see their favourite on-screen couple inside the controversial house, and many are hoping that they might come out as a couple by the end of the show. Now, in an exclusive interview with News18 Showsha, Priyanka, who played the character of Tejo in Udaariyaan, opened up about why she said yes to the show. She also revealed that she is open to finding love inside the house.

Speaking just moments before entering the house, Priyanka revealed, “I feel amazing, really amazing. Bohot accha lag raha hai. It’s a good platform and I’m very excited about Bigg Boss.” She also added that she’s not at all stressed about being locked up inside this house and added, “I don’t get stressed once I make a decision. I was like ’I’ll see what would happen now’. However many days l have to spend in the house, I’ll fight.”

Talking about why she gave her nod for the Salman Khan hosted reality show, Priyanka said, “Because I wanted to explore myself more. I have done a TV show before, but reality show was a totally different ball game and I really wanted to learn some new things.”

The actress also does not have any game plan. “I am not that kind of girl who will plan or plot even in real life. Not at all, not my cup of tea. I am going to be exactly how I am in real life- that is my whole strategy and nothing else. I don’t believe in planning or plotting or preparation. I want to go with the flow and be spontaneous and fight the situation,” she quipped.

She also revealed having watched just one season of Bigg Boss. “I just watched Season 13, which I think was a great season, and got really popular because of SidNaaz, and SidNaaz is my favourite,” she revealed. When asked if she is also looking to find the crackling chemistry inside the house like what SidNaaz did, she said, “Definitely. Waise acche mujhe bohot kam log lagte hai because I am very choosy. But yes, I am open for it. If I find a good guy… But let’s see what’s the situation inside the house. I have no idea what’s going to happen inside, and like I told you, I don’t plan anything. And I can never get into a relationship by planning. But yes, I’m open to it and if I find a good guy, I will totally not mind.”

Talking about meeting host Salman Khan, Priyanka said, “I am super excited to meet him. I had met him previously on Bigg Boss itself, while promoting for Udaariyaan. Now, it would be the second time. I’m super excited to meet him. And it’s Salman Khan- it’s a big name, and it natural to be nervous. I am not going to hide my emotions upon meeting him. It’s amazing that I will get to share space with him.”

She is also quite thrilled to that this season will be hatke, with Bigg Boss too playing his game. “I am very happy that this season is going to be completely different with Bigg Boss also playing the game, because I have not watched the previous seasons. But since this is new, all the contestants would be at the same level. It’s like a brand new challenge for all of us. I am just looking forward to see what’s going to happen inside,” she concluded.

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