Adam Collard opens up on dating life since Paige Thorne split


He’s taking a break.

Adam Collard has opened up about his relationship status since his break up with Paige Thorne – and it’s not what anyone expected.

The couple called it quits back in September after a video emerged online of Adam getting quite close with a girl in McDonald’s after a night out.

While still denying anything went on, Paige claims she has seen other videos that are similar and that’s what led to the end of their relationship following their whirlwind romance on Love Island.

Speaking in a new interview with The UK Sun, Adam has said that he’s taking a break from dating since his public break up.

“I don’t regret anything,” he said. “I’ve had relationships and some have worked out better than others. I’ve had bad breakups and you learn from it. I’ll still have them again.

“Not everything you have seen is what it seems.”

Paige Thorne has recently opened up about her struggle with fame since Love Island and her break up with Adam.

Speaking with The Sun, Paige has admitted that she is “really struggling” since the series ended and opened up about her decision to stop drinking until she finds her “happy place”.

The 25-year-old said: “I’ve been struggling lately, really struggling with who I am and have not been in a good place. I’ve given up alcohol, it’s been three weeks now, because I’ve realised that I don’t like the person I become when I drink.

“So, until I’m in a safe and happy place I want to stop drinking.”

Speaking about being newly single, Paige said that if you don’t love yourself, nobody else will either.

She continued: “I’m happy being single and I’d love to go on a girl’s holiday next year.”

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