A year of love, romance and relationships for Taureans


Love horoscope for Taurus 2023

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Happy New Year 2023! New year brings new hopes, new goals and new dreams. For those who believe in astrology, this is the time when we look at the stars with more than mere dreams. We look for answers to our questions, of broken promises and hopes and the possibilities that the new year would bring.

As the sun sets on 2022 and rises on the year 2023, we look at how the stars are aligned for Taureans, especially in the realm of Love. And there is good news. Renowned Astrologer Samir Jain predicts Year 2023 will be a good year in terms of Love, Romance, and Relationships for Taurean Natives.

Taurus Love Horoscope 2023

Taurus Natives will see many colours of love this year. At the beginning of the year, you will be able to express your love to your soul mate and the two of your will enjoy some quality time together. If you start any new venture or a project with your spouse, you will also see success in that realm. For people who are unmarried, you can expect to find your soul mate this year. People who are dating or are engaged will plan to get married this year with the help of their friends.

However, from the last week of April to mid-September, you will have a mixed bag of emotions. You might see some stress in your relationship and you might also see some differences in opinion with your partner. This might lead to some sort of argument between the two of you and might lead to an unhealthy environment. Partners are advised to avoid any sort of argument as it might lead to the end of the relationship.

From mid-September to the end of the year, the situation will be under control and you will see your relationship grow. Couples will enjoy happy moments together. You might also enjoy some yoga sessions or learn something interesting with your partners. Unmarried people might find their love in office or other professional events.

Disclaimer: This is written by Astrologer Samir Jain. He writes for Times of India, NBT Gold, EI Samay Bangla, Times Specials. He also works for Taj Hotels and Resorts.

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