A Dating Coach’s Top Tips For Getting More Likes On The Apps


The name of the dating game this year is “authenticity” for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it’s always worth it to stay true to yourself. But on top of that, you also want people you’re actually interested in to swipe left on you—and the best way to do that, Artschwager says, is to own who you are unapologetically.

Whether it’s a picture of you that you think really captures your spirit, a prompt about your favorite hobbies or interests, or even coming right out and saying, “I’m looking for a long-term relationship,” the people that align with what you’re putting out there are going to be the ones matching with you.

“There can be kind of shielding or discomfort around those things—old programming that if you put these things on your profile you’ll appear more needy in some capacity—but I view it as really embodying and emboldening our desires,” Artschwager adds.

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