8 Steps to Getting Over Your Ex And Living Your Life Again


If you’re wondering how to deal with a breakup, I want you to know you are not alone, and we’ve all been there.

But rather than trying to win your ex back, I want you to focus on winning yourself back today. Here’s how to get over your ex and live your magnificent life again.

#1. Cut All Contact with Your Ex

Research shows that staying friends with an ex can lead to depression, jealousy, heartbreak, and difficulty finding a new romantic partner. Unless there are fundamental reasons for contact, it’s best to cut all ties. Give yourself the gift of closure by removing them from your phone contacts and blocking them on social media.

#2. Process Your Emotions

Allow yourself to feel the range of emotions associated with a breakup, including acceptance, shock, grief, pain, and sadness. While it’s important to acknowledge and process these emotions, don’t let them consume you. Also, focus on the positive aspects of your healing journey, such as independence, growth, wisdom, and opportunity.

#3. Consider Working with a Therapist or Coach

Seeking professional guidance can provide valuable insight and support during this challenging time. Therapists can help you delve into your past to understand yourself better, while coaches offer strategic guidance for moving forward and taking action. Both avenues can be beneficial, and having both a therapist and a coach can be the best option.

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#4. Make Peace with the Past

Let go of the past and forgive your ex for your own sake. Clear out physical reminders of the relationship and consider redecorating your home to create a new environment. Avoid stalking your ex on social media, as it hinders the healing process and prevents personal growth.

#5. Treat Yourself with Kindness

Focus on self-care by eating well, exercising, and practicing positive self-talk. Prioritize quality sleep, indulge in relaxing activities, meditate, unplug from technology, and engage in activities that bring you joy. Treating yourself kindly and compassionately is crucial during this healing process.

#6. Pour Your Energy into Something Else

Rediscover and embrace the aspects of yourself that may have been neglected during the relationship. Focus on your career, friendships, hobbies, or side hustles. You will regain confidence and rebuild your self-worth by directing your energy toward personal growth and accomplishments.

#7. Plan Fun and Exciting Activities

Schedule enjoyable activities each week to have something to look forward to. Engage in new, interesting, challenging, and exciting experiences that expand your sense of self. This will help combat feeling out of control and enhance your overall well-being.

#8. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Choose to spend time with positive, uplifting individuals who can support and inspire you. Reconnect with loved ones and avoid isolating yourself. Building a supportive community will provide the encouragement and positivity you need during this healing process.

Remember, healing from heartbreak takes time, but with these strategies, you can reclaim your power and move forward with confidence. Throughout this journey, know that you are not alone, and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

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