8 Shows Like ‘Love Island’ To Watch If You Love the Hit Dating Show


On Netflix’s Korean dating show Single’s Inferno, nine hot, young singles meet and mingle on a tropical island. If they make a love connection and pair up, they get to go to a luxurious resort called Paradise, a resort where they not only can enjoy a little bit of luxury, but they can share more intimate details about themselves, too. But if they don’t, they have to stay behind have to rough it on the island known as Inferno, where they can’t use their phones, they must cook for themselves, and they’re not allowed to reveal key details about themselves like their professions or their ages, so they have to use their physical traits and their general charms to woo one another. Of all the shows on our list, Single’s Inferno is easily the most PG, and the contestants are much more subtle and unassuming than those on other shows.

Where to stream Single’s Inferno

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