8 Mature Women Look for Love in New TLC Show


Finding love can mean dropping everything — including your usual type.

PEOPLE can exclusively share the trailer for TLC’s upcoming reality series MILF Manor, which follows “eight confident and strong-minded women [who] leave home for the chance to find love” in paradise, according to a description from the network.

The women include a competitive 47-year-old fitness studio owner from Mexico currently living in Miami, a spontaneous 50-year-old “disco mommy” from Orange County, a 44-year-old Jersey girl who’s relocated to Los Angeles, a 59-year-old fitness instructor and singer from L.A. and a 50-year-old event planner who used to be a B-Girl back in the day.

“Life has given me some curveballs,” one hopeful says at the beginning of the teaser. Another declares, “It’s my time to find love.”

One woman explains her reasons for going on the show: “I was married for 14 years. I want to get a chance to do me a little.”


Given their age range from 40 to 60 years old, the women have the advantage of years of relationship experience to leverage as they try to find a lasting connection with men who happen to be younger.

“Young men have much more energy,” one lady notes. “They think out of the box. I want that.”

Another hopeful is “ready to connect with somebody who doesn’t really care how old I am.”

Each episode features challenges that will prove whether a connection is genuine or if it’s time to say goodbye. Naturally, tensions will ebb and flow as the young men try to prove they’re ready to go all in with one of the ladies of MILF Manor.

At the end of the teaser when the love-seekers see their suitors for the first time, one woman sums up the mood of anticipation and anxious energy: “Things just got real.”

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MILF Manor premieres Jan. 15 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC and discovery+.

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