7 Weird Things Most Women Don’t Know About Men


Notes from this week’s video:

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#1. The Quest for Connection, Not “Love”: While the search for a genuine connection is universal, men often approach dating with different expectations. They may not prioritize finding “love” in the storybook sense, but that doesn’t negate their capacity for deep feelings.

#2. The Romantic Idealism of Men: Contrary to what might be expected, men are quite the romantics. Studies, including one based on the romantic beliefs scale, suggest that men actually outscore women when it comes to romanticism, often seeking passion more fervently in their relationships.

#3. The Evolving Landscape of Infidelity: The statistics on infidelity are thought-provoking. Young women, those in the 18-29 age bracket, have been shown to cheat slightly more than their male counterparts. However, as we age, this trend reverses dramatically, with older men significantly more likely to engage in affairs.

#4. The Fear of Rejection: Having coached many men in the art of approach, I’ve witnessed firsthand the profound fear of rejection that can overshadow even the most daunting public speaking engagements.

#5. The Picky Paradox: Data from dating apps reveals a curious discrepancy: men seem less selective online, swiping right on a much higher percentage of profiles compared to women. This suggests a broader openness to potential matches among men.

#6. The Financial Foundation of Commitment: Financial stability plays a crucial role in a man’s readiness to commit. The common hesitation to settle down when facing career or financial uncertainty speaks volumes about the ingrained desire to provide.

#7. Navigating Modern Moves: The heightened awareness of appropriate behavior in today’s society has left many men uncertain about how to express their interest on dates. While this reflects a positive shift towards respect and consent, it can also lead to hesitancy in making moves.

These revelations are just the tip of the iceberg in understanding the male psyche within romantic contexts. Each point opens a door to deeper discussion and understanding, fostering better communication and empathy between partners. I invite you to share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below. Let’s continue the conversation and unravel the complex web of love together.

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