7 Brutal Truths About Dating Someone From Another Religion


Alex, my boyfriend, is Jewish. I am not. We couldn’t have been raised differently. Thankfully, those differences keep things interesting (and to be fair, we do share a TON in common, too: a very strange sense of humor, the desire to travel to crazy places, wine, you get the picture.)

In the beginning, I assumed that religion might make things a little trickier, but boy is that an understatement — especially if one of you (him) comes from an extremely religiously observant background.

In light of the compromises, weird conversations, and awkward moments we’ve been through in the last two years, and there have been many, I’m dropping a few truths on you, in case you find yourself at a bar/on Match.com/being set up/accidentally falling in love with someone who doesn’t share your religion

Here are 7 hard truths about dating someone from another religion:

1. Your parents may be more (or less) okay with it than you think

When I mentioned I was seriously dating a Jew, my father was skeptical and chose to dance around the issue, making his opinion known through silence that eventually turned into reluctant acceptance. My mother, on the other hand, was mostly delighted that I finally found someone who challenged me and kept up with me.

He could’ve been an alien from the Planet CrazyBoyfriend and she still would’ve loved him, accepted him — and more importantly, accepted us. Alex’s parents, on the other hand, wouldn’t meet me for a year, but that’s another blog post.

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