6 safety tips to help avoid scammers


Today is World Romance Scam Prevention Day

It’s officially cuffing season, our favorite time of year! Now that fall is in full swing, people are looking to match, chat and meet. And while most have the best intentions, there can be some bad actors to look out for. In honor of today being World Romance Scam Prevention Day, we’re sharing 6 tips to keep in mind so you can date safely.

1. Stay on the app as long as possible.

Scammers often attempt to get you onto another platform quickly. Stay on the app when getting to know a new connection; this helps keep your personal information safe, and means you can block or report the other person at any time. It’s a red flag if a match pushes switching platforms but delays a video chat or meeting up in person.

2. Use the tools available on OkCupid.

We encourage you to not only verify your profile with Photo Verification, but also look out for the verification check on your matches to help confirm they are the person in their profile pictures. You can also set up video chats before meeting in person to confirm your match is the person you’ve been talking to.

3. View crypto chat as a major red flag.

It may come across as friendly advice, but if a new love interest is giving you crypto or investment tips, there is a high probability that it’s a scam. Always report these interactions back to us so we can help monitor in an effort to keep everyone on OkCupid safe from scammers.

4. Don’t be fooled by “get rich quick” schemes.

According to experts, scammers will use techniques to focus on how a large sum of returns could improve your life. Be skeptical of anyone who appears to be wealthy and successful and wants to teach you how to invest and make money.

5. Refuse to send a match money.

Scammers often claim they need money for a Visa, customs fees, surgeries, family medical bills, car repairs or plane tickets to visit. If they appear desperate and money is involved, this should be a giant red flag.

6. Be aware that not all scams look the same.

Online scams have evolved; these days, most scammers don’t just come out and ask for money when first getting to know someone. They often don’t start talking about finance until months later after they’ve gained your trust, so be careful to stay vigilant and always note that someone asking for money is a red flag.

Download OkCupid and fall for someone you feel safe with this fall!

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