5 Things you should know about Sagittarius zodiac sign before dating them


Well, if you are enticing towards a person and want a long-term commitment then taking knowing just the basics about them is not enough. A profound evaluation of their zodiac sign can aid in strengthening your bond as it assists in decoding the personality, behaviour and romantic traits of your boo-to-be. If you are drooling over a Sagittarian, then these beings are carefree, optimistic, outspoken and famed for their out-of-the-box humour. More than that, they are quite playful in bed. Brace yourself for endless laughter and adventures as people with this zodiac sign are quite thrilling, loving and caring. Simplify your love life with this fire sign by knowing these 5 things.

1. Always say yes to any kind of adventure

Being a fire sign, Sagittarians are restless, spontaneous and on the lookout to go outside the box to bring the thrill and exciting things their way. For the utmost satisfaction in love, they dive deep into the personality of their lover and try to find an attribute that’s similar to them, amping up their sporadic whims.

2. Don’t adore too much emotional dependency

People with this zodiac sign follow the approach of pragmatism! They are not someone who is always stuck up in emotionality and rather would prefer a partner that has a life of their own. This does not mean that they are rude or practice emotional detachment but they are more like wanderers who love to explore and talk with their practical know-how instead of just talking sweet nothing.

3. Takes some extra time for commitment

Sagittarian-born people are not very sentimental and hearing the words of serious commitment from them might be a little challenging and they might take a long time to utter those words of love. However, don’t force them as these beings love their freedom and can hold a grudge against you for this behaviour forever.

4. Great sense of humour 

Sagittarians are known for their go-with-the-flow funky, cool personality that can stuff you up with peals of laughter. These beings are extroverts, say things on your face without any plastics or coat of sugars wrapped on it. Besides, he will always take you out on his wild and thrilling adventures once he is assured that you are not going to snatch away his freedom in any way. 

Great sense of humour

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