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For so many years I have wanted to cover the rules the healthiest divorced men follow before they start dating again.

Why? Because of all the disastrous dates that I have gone on with men who were so not ready to start dating. They broke the rules, jumped the line, and made the lives of me and other women they dated miserable.

Dating after divorce is not easy and it definitely isn’t something that should be jumped back into thoughtlessly.

Post-divorce dating, like everything else in the world, is so much more effective with some pre-planning and rule following.

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Based on my experience and the experiences of divorced men who wish they had done things differently before they started dating again, there are some guidelines to be followed.

Here are five rules divorced guys should follow, in order to get ready to date again

1. The ‘Two Year’ rule.

This is the one rule that the healthiest men follow before they start dating again. At first they yell at me about when I bring it up. “Wait two years before dating? Seriously? I am ready to date now.

When we get divorced, we can find ourselves sad and lonely and the instinct to get right back out there into the dating world is very strong. This, so many of my healthy divorced men say, is a rule that they truly wish they had followed.

Divorce is traumatic. It is often caused by the slow death of a relationship that was founded on love. It can mean the death of the family. It can mean the destruction of family finances. It can cause depression and loss of self-esteem and worse.

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