48-Year-Old Single Mom On Getting Judged By Men On Dating App


As you grow older, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a life partner. People of the same age group around you settle down and you often give up on finding love. But for this 48-year-old British single mom, it was not her age that became an issue. Rather, she is unable to find a date because of her disability. Apparently, men on a dating app called her a “parasite”. Read on to know why.

Since being diagnosed with endocarditis, a rare infection of the heart’s lining, Lyon McDermott struggled to find love on dating apps. She received a valve replacement in 2017 and stayed in a coma until June 2018.

According to the New York Post, Lyon suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and became immunocompromised, making her unable to fight off infections and diseases. This has made it difficult for her to continue with her job. She used to work in sales, but now solely relies on Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment and Employment and Support Allowance, which amounts to about $25,000 a year.

Lyon has been trying to date again, and joined the dating apps Plenty of Fish and eHarmony to find a lover. As soon as she reaches the conversation stage with men on these apps, they steer clear of her after knowing her employment status. She explained that one man even called her a “parasite” and said that if she could walk and talk, then why couldn’t she work?

She further explained that she is not financially capable of taking men out, and since most of the men in her age group were divorcees, they assume that she is after their money. However, she suggested that she is not looking for “any kind of handout in any way”. All she wants is to love someone.

Lyon believes her chronic condition has made it difficult to find a date and makes her feel “undateable”. She said that since her disability was related to her heart and immune system, one wouldn’t be able to understand by the look of it — why she is unable to work, since her disability isn’t visible having “a leg chopped off or anything”.

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