4 Ways to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work


Over the past decade, long-distance relationships have seen a significant surge. With over 3 million couples in the United States currently navigating the challenges of distance, it’s clear that this trend is on the rise. A staggering 10% of all marriages today began as long-distance relationships.


Two reasons are driving this shift in dynamics.


With the ease of digital connections, people are now more willing than ever to expand their horizons and meet potential partners from different cities or even continents.


Secondly, the increase in global travel. People are jet-setting across the globe more frequently than ever before. This surge in travel has led to unexpected relationships between individuals who may live just a couple of cities away or on opposite ends of the planet.


I’m going to say it loud and clear: I do NOT recommend long-distance relationships. Distance does NOT help the heart grow fonder… PROXIMITY does.


However, if you unexpectedly find yourself in the middle of a long-distance relationship right now, take these four strategies with you.


#1. Focus on Quality Time Over Quantity Time: Rather than bombarding each other with endless texts, focus on quality communication. Regular but meaningful video calls can help foster a deeper connection than a constant stream of messages. Dedicate time for a daily 30-minute video session where you can truly engage, focus, and connect.

#2. Spend Extended Periods of Time Together: It’s essential to spend extended periods together to strengthen your bond. Exciting weekend getaways are great, but a solid foundation requires longer, more ordinary periods of togetherness. This allows you to see how you both handle everyday life, conflicts, and boredom, which are essential aspects of a healthy relationship.

#3. Support Your Partner’s Growth Even When You’re Apart: There is a tendency to stifle your long-distance partner’s personal growth out of fear of losing them. Encourage them to pursue their interests and grow as an individual. Relationships truly thrive on individual growth, and that includes you.

#4. Plan to Live in the Same Area Within the Next Year: A long-distance relationship becomes much more manageable when there’s a clear plan to eventually live in the same area. Having a tangible goal of living close to one another within the next year provides a sense of direction for both partners. It acts as a motivating force and a light at the end of the tunnel. If there is no chance for proximity within the next year, you need to seriously reconsider your time and emotional energy.


By following these four tips, you can nurture your long-distance love to give it the best chance. Remember to prioritize quality communication, spend extended time together, support each other’s growth, and have an actual plan for the future.

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