3 Deeper Reasons Why You Run Away from Relationships


The classic stereotype is that men always run away from commitment while women always chase it. But some women run away from relationships, too. And if you’re one of them, keep reading.

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When a relationship ends, it’s all too easy to be in denial about why things fell apart.

He just wasn’t the right guy for me.

He talks too much.

He’s one inch too short.

But in reality, there’s probably something much deeper going on that makes you run away from guy after guy.

Ready to find out what that is?

  1. Unhealthy relationships are what’s most familiar to you

The relationships we were surrounded with growing up greatly impact our future relationships. If you were surrounded by toxic examples of love, you are more likely to gravitate toward toxicity.


Because to you, it’s normal. And your brain doesn’t want you to be happy; it wants you to be comfortable. What’s familiar to us is warm and alluring.

So, if you keep finding yourself with toxic men who treat you badly, you’ve got to first become aware of it, then you need to work to break that vicious cycle.

Little Love Step #2 is where you create your love vision. This is where we encourage women to reflect on what they need in a relationship to feel happy and content. This love vision will help you stay focused when dating so that you can say NEXT to the wrong guys and HELLO to the right one.

  1. You don’t value yourself or, worse, like yourself

There’s a lot of advice about self-love, and many people tell you to just fall truly, madly, deeply in love with every inch of yourself. But in all honesty, this is hard to do!

My suggestion?

Focus on liking yourself.

We attract the energy that we put out into the world. If you don’t like, appreciate and respect yourself, you will attract a man who treats you the same way you treat yourself.

And if you get lucky and end up with a guy who adores you, but you still don’t like you, there will be a disconnect. You will start questioning everything.

Why is he being nice to me?

Why is he bringing me flowers?

Why is he going out of his way to treat me like I’m special?

You will run away from guys who do this because, subconsciously, it won’t make sense to you.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve got to break this pattern.

Start by taking small steps in the right direction. Be kind to yourself. Surround yourself with people who like you. Notice what you like about other people, and see where you can improve on those qualities within yourself. And give yourself some grace when you make mistakes because we all do.

  1. You have an avoidant attachment style

We all have an attachment style when it comes to forming relationships, which is a fancy, psychological term for how we give and receive love. This is shaped by how we relate to our parents or primary caregivers during childhood.

There are several different attachment styles, one of which is an avoidant attachment style. This person is extremely independent, uncomfortable with intimacy, and potentially a commitment-phobe. This attachment style is more common in men, but some women have it too.

Working with a therapist can help you get to the root of your attachment style and how it was formed, but our Love Strategies can also help.

Little Love Step #6 focuses on setting boundaries for a committed relationship. Without taking this step, avoidant attachment styles can feel suffocated very quickly. Open dialog during this stage is very important. It can help you feel much more comfortable when you finally become exclusive with someone so that you don’t end up bolting halfway across the world from an amazing man.

Are you a woman who runs from relationships? Which one of these reasons most applies to you? Share your story with me below!

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