21 Of The Best Cities For Dating In Your 40s


Have you ever wondered what the best cities for dating in your 40s are? If you’re looking to enter the dating scene in your 40s – whether for the first time or returning after a break – knowing which cities are great for romance can really help when it comes to finding real, meaningful connections. 

To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of 21 of the best cities for dating in your 40s, with some recommendations and top tips for each! Okay. In alphabetical order, away we go…

1. Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico’s most populous city is a great place to start when it comes to a list of the best cities for dating in your 40s. Albuquerque singles enjoy plenty of bars and restaurants that are not only ideal for first dates but perfect for second and third dates too! The cultural blend of American and Mexican makes the city such a great spot for forming real, meaningful connections.

2. Atlanta, Georgia

With a boom in population over the last 20 years, Atlanta has a thriving singles scene with something to offer every age group. If you’re looking for the perfect spot for a romantic dinner, Aria offers lavish décor and memorable dishes.

3. Austin, Texas

A large population, a thriving foodie scene, and a ton of fun cultural activities make dating in Austin a blast. Whether you’re a night owl or a nature lover, Texas’ capital city has something to offer every kind of romantic.

4. Baltimore, Maryland

When it comes to the best cities for dating in your 40s, Baltimore is packed full of opportunities for romantically minded singles to connect. Whether you’re in the mood to sip cocktails in a sophisticated jazz club or take in a beautiful sunset down by the water, meeting and dating other like-minded singles is a blast here.

5. Boston, Massachusetts

There’s always something exciting going on in Boston! And, with such a high number of cultural events taking place across the city every night – from comedy gigs to film screenings – there’s no shortage of opportunities for singles over 40 to meet, chat, and genuinely connect.

6. Buffalo, New York

New York State’s second-largest city is packed full of singles leading busy lives. This means that, for those dating in Buffalo, there’s no shortage of potential when it comes to making meaningful connections. When you find that perfect match, try Bacchus Wine Bar on Chippewa Street to conjure up a romantic atmosphere.

7. Chicago, Illinois

When it comes to the best cities for dating in your 40s, it’s hard to look past Chicago. The city’s 2.5 million population means the city is brimming with singles looking to find the relationship that’s right for them. From intimate hideaways to summer strolls, dating in Chicago gives you all you need to connect with other singles who really get you.

8. Dallas, Texas

The city’s motto “Big Things Happen Here” says it all. Romance may well be right around the corner for singles dating in Dallas! The city’s population is vibrant and diverse, meaning you’ll be diving into an exhilarating pool of single people you can genuinely connect with.

9. Denver, Colorado

Craft beer halls, music locales, and sports venues offer endless opportunities for true love to blossom in Denver! With a population of over 700,000 people, Denverites have so many options for connecting with other singles and kickstarting the relationship of a lifetime. 

10. Los Angeles, California

With year-round sun and a health-conscious population, Los Angeles is a haven for singles seeking to enter the dating scene. For those in their 40s, there are tons of singles nights and speed dating events across the city. Or, you could always head down to the beach in your swimwear and flaunt your stuff!

11. Miami, Florida

Miami singles enjoy a super active social scene, as well as bars and restaurants that are forever bustling, which bags it a strong position as one of the best cities for dating in your 40s. While the options for entertaining dates are myriad, finding dates that progress into relationships can be a little more challenging at times. But hey – that’s why Zoosk is here to help!

12. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minnesota’s largest city is a fantastic spot for the amorously inclined. With gorgeous scenery and a busy roster of cultural events, dating in Minneapolis is a potential pinwheel of laughs and color. A great spot for dating in your 40s.

13. Nashville, Tennessee

Dating in Nashville offers tons of great opportunities to connect with like-minded singles who share your situation. And what more could a city offer a new couple? Simmering with energy, Nashville has all you need for you and your date to enjoy a wild and musical night on the tiles.

14. New York City, New York

It’s not surprising that NYC is considered one of the best cities for dating in your 40s. Perhaps more than any other city in the US, New York offers daters virtually anything they could ask for in terms of culture and diversity. There are so many top date ideas to try plus an endless number of romantic date night restaurants to choose from. No matter what you’re looking for, NYC will provide!

15. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia certainly doesn’t lack character. As a city well known for its social side, 40-something singles have plenty of options when it comes to both making meaningful connections and finding something memorable to do on a first date. Whether it’s watching the Eagles or visiting a country vineyard, you’ll never be short on cool date ideas!

16. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

With its affordability and bubbling social scene, Pittsburgh is a real contender when it comes to the best cities for dating in your 40s. It’s a great place for singles over forty to settle down and start making real connections. Professional singles will love Pittsburg’s cocktail lounge scene and upmarket restaurants.

17. Portland, Oregon

A growing job market has seen Portland thrive in recent years. This has helped to create a dating scene awash with like-minded singles over 40. With hipster neighborhoods like Buckman, there are interesting people to meet pretty much everywhere you go.

18. San Francisco, California

San Francisco needs no introduction as a vibrant city with a lot to offer real singles in their 40s looking to connect. The pretty green spaces of the Marina District are great for easy first dates, and the colorful murals of Mission District are perfect for a relaxing afternoon spent taking in the art with your date.

19. Seattle, Washington

There’s little doubt that Seattle is one of the best cities for dating in your 40s. Home to top spots for music and nightlife, there are tons of opportunities to meet other singles who really get you. Head down to the Museum of Pop Culture for a cultural date, or take in the sights at the Chihuly Gardens and Glass exhibit in Seattle Center.

20. Tampa, Florida

With an abundance of singles in their 40s, Tampa has an active and vibrant dating scene. The year-round sunshine definitely doesn’t hurt your chances of sparking a new relationship. And with the population continuing to grow, the opportunities to date and make meaningful connections just keep on growing.

21. Washington DC

There are a few reasons why Washington DC is one of the best cities for dating in your 40s. A big proportion of the city’s residents are single, which means your odds of bumping into someone you like (and them being available) are pretty high. Eating out at restaurants is comparatively affordable, and there are plenty of green spaces for a romantic picnic in the sunshine.

Choosing the Best City for Dating in Your 40s

Is your city not mentioned in this list of some of the best cities for dating in your 40s? If it’s not, don’t fret. Any city has the potential to be a dating hotspot where you can start making real, meaningful connections! What’s more, it’s never been easier to get started! Sign up on Zoosk today and start your dating journey!

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