20 Crucial Things You’ll Learn About Dating In Your 20s


About a month ago, I turned — huge gulp — 27 years old. While I know I have so much more to learn about life, love, and everything in between, I’ve realized that I’ve learned quite a lot about the world since I was a stubborn, selfish 18-year-old who thought she had learned everything she needed to know already.

After years of bad dates, terrible “relationships,” regrettable decisions, and many embarrassing moments, I have garnered pretty excellent dating advice.

However, it took me a while to realize that dating in your 20s is so different from dating in high school or the early years of college.

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As you get older and become more mature, your priorities change, and you start to realize what you want in a person and a relationship, and you also get to know yourself better. It may take a few years, and you have more to discover.

Here are 20 crucial things you’ll learn about dating in your 20s.

1. Games are overrated.

That’s not to say they don’t happen because they still do. But in your 20s, you realize that playing hard-to-get and trying to win the who-can-go-longer-before-texting-back game is lame compared to how you feel.

2. You deserve someone who does things that make you happy.

All the time, not just sometimes.

3. If you have to fight for chemistry, it’s not worth it.

You’ll go on a lot of first dates in your 20s. Some of them will be great, but most will be awful. So you’ll probably spend some time trying to find a spark there.

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