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Do you know that euphoria that fills you up when you first start dating someone? That fun and excitement of entering a new relationship that makes us want to shout it from the rooftops for all to hear?

That feels really good.

But sometimes, sharing the news widely isn’t a good idea. Sometimes, we should keep the rooftop shouting only within the range of our closest friends and family members before we broadcast it our relationship status on social media platforms.

Dating coach and relationship consultant Stacie Ikka advised that there are times when it’s smart to hold off on announcing who you are dating — or if you are involved with someone at all — in your online circles.

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The valid reasons to keep your relationship status secret:

1. You receive a lot of unwanted attention

Some people see a “single” status on Facebook as an invitation to be in contact, overtly flirt or even harass someone. If you are getting invitations that make you uncomfortable, consider leaving your relationship status blank.

“If you are single and not necessarily looking to use Facebook as a dating site and simply selected that status because you thought that all fields in your profile needed to be filled out … beware,” Ikka said.

Sometimes other singles, and even people who are in relationships already, prey on women who announce that they are on the market.

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