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Maybe you haven’t dated in a while, or even in a long while, and you feel left out of online dating advice trends and tips for navigating social media when you’re interested in finding love.

Or maybe you’re a savvy dater with profiles all over the Internet, texting and messaging your latest love interest like a pro.

Either way, there are some dating tips that just don’t go out of style, because the fact of the matter is, they work.

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Here are 10 unsexy pieces of dating advice for women who are desperate to find love:

1. Don’t compromise your core values for a date

Don’t settle. Do not waver when it comes to your core values and beliefs. Compromising core values and beliefs will end in disaster, leaving you with the regret of having gone on a string of unsatisfying dates. Establish your boundaries right from the beginning to set a tone of confidence and mutual respect.

If you have essential differences that can’t be bridged, don’t pretend it’s all fine. It’s not, and you don’t need to waste time confirming this again and again.

2. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone

When we stay inside our perfect, nice, and neat little boxes, we tend to miss out on the adventures of life! Life is meant to be lived, and sometimes that means stepping outside our comfort zone and dancing with the unknown.

Now, let’s be clear, I am not suggesting that you place yourself in harm’s way, but I am suggesting that you expand your horizons to try something different. Go to new places and explore new things! Is there a gallery or museum you’ve been meaning to check out? A gym you’ve “almost” joined a hundred times? Do it! Make a change and feel the power of your new energy.

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