10 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Cancer


Cancerians have a thick shell that is difficult to break, much like the crab that serves as their symbol. However, once someone manages to win over their heart, Cancerians will put a lot of effort into making the union work. They consequently tend to be extremely hard on breakups. Their passion for their former wouldn’t easily fade, even if they were the ones who started the breakup. Being highly intuitive, emotional, and perceptive, they have a very hard time letting go of a relationship that has meant a lot to them. 

It’s a delight to date them because of their incredibly sensitive and caring nature. They fall in love quickly, tend to give everything, and dive into commitments headfirst. So, get acquainted with a few aspects of their persona prior to dating them.

1.       They Are Unpredictable

Understanding cancers is not simple. Expect to take the initiative and push them to open up if you date them. You’ll get things moving if you give them a sense of security and are open to being vulnerable.

2.       They Detest Conflict

Conflict is the one thing a Cancer despises the most. Even when it is the best course of action, they will go out of their way to avoid conflict. You must demonstrate to your Cancer that you can resolve disputes amicably. Your relationship won’t last if you have a short fuse or raise your voice when you’re angry.

3.       They Have Big Expectations

The enormous expectations that Cancers have for their loved ones are their main issues in relationships. They frequently find themselves disappointed and can become too emotional over disputes and failures that have only occurred in their heads because nobody can live up to these expectations.

4.       Security Is Everything

For a Cancer, feeling protected and secure is the most important thing. They will look elsewhere if you are unable to supply this.

5.       They Have A Rollercoaster of Emotions

Men and women born under Cancer experience an emotional rollercoaster. They simply tend to feel joyful or depressed easily. Cancers who are mature will learn to let these emotions come and go without responding foolishly, making decisions based on them, or appearing depressed and grumpy to others. However, it’s important to refrain from making jokes about them that can offend their sensitive side.

6.       Cosy Dates Win Their Heart

The ideal date for a Cancer is one that takes place at home. Purchase some fresh candles, make a nice dinner, and plan a memorable evening in the comfort of their own homes.

7.       They Won’t Give You Space

Considering how giving and caring a Cancer is, it’s simple to feel suffocated by them. Try to keep in mind how fortunate you are to be so genuinely loved. But if you require a lot of independence and space, it might not be a suitable fit.

8.       They Are Seductive

Cancers are amorous and sensual in bed. They’re all about touch and fostering a calm, romantic ambiance that will elevate the encounter. They enjoy cuddling after extended foreplay while listening to soft music and lighting candles.

9.       They Are Generous to the Core

The most devoted, giving, and helpful companion in the Zodiac is a Cancer. They’ll spend their entire lives attempting to make you happy if you give them a sense of love and security.

10.   Empathy Is Their Strong Suit

The most sensitive sign in the zodiac, Cancer, approaches everything with love in both heart and mind. As a result, they are the most sympathetic lovers. They are committed, passionate, and aware of their innermost aspirations.

Additionally, unlike other signs that quit when things get difficult, Cancers are highly dedicated and determined to make things work. Most importantly, they’ll make sure you know how valuable you are to them.

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