10 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Aquarius


1.   They Are Pragmatic, Yet Thoughtful

Aquarius is very devoted to their relationship, but they do not think love requires them to put their wants before their partner’s. Being pragmatic and acting in their own best interests, an Aquarius in love is not self-centered.

2.   They Won’t Be Impressed By Grand Gestures

A date with an Aquarius should be special and unpretentious. They are often moved by someone who chooses to go volunteering for a cause on a date together or by someone remembering how they like their tea than by someone who hands up their wallet to let them shop.

3.   They Feel Trapped When You Talk About The Future

When it comes to love, Aquarius could be hesitant. Even when they have strong feelings for the other person, love might make them feel confined or afraid of the future. Despite enjoying flirty relationships and being in long-term “friends with benefits” situations, they can also have second thoughts.

4.   They Don’t Fancy Online Dating

Many Aquarians shudder when they hear the word “date.” They consider it to be excessively stuffy and formal. They prefer to meet their mates through their social circles. Being open, truthful, and ready to get along with the Aquarius’s current friends means a lot.

5.   They Always Split The Bill

Aquarius would want to have a playful meet and greet hangout before agreeing to a genuine date, and they would prefer to split the dinner expense.

6.   They Detest Co-Dependency

An Aquarius doesn’t want to rely on anybody else, nor do they want anyone else to rely on them. It’s their lifelong challenge to navigate healthy co-dependency in a partnership!

7.   They Enjoy Intellectual Debates

They desire to be heard. Though you don’t have to share their beliefs, you must respect them regardless of your disagreement.

8.   They Like To Take The Lead In Love

Although an Aquarius may appear to go with the flow, it’s essential to follow their lead in the early stages of a romance. It will never work to try to squeeze them into a “normal” date situation. Recognize that they are set in their ways; they would take their time.

9.   Their Social Calendar Will Always Be Chock-Full

Because they have numerous friends, an Aquarius won’t abandon them just because they are in a relationship. Getting on an Aquarius’s calendar can be difficult, but it’s worth the effort.

10. They Don’t Need Regular Updates From Their Lover

You don’t need to send this air sign a million texts. When they are away from you, they still enjoy being in the moment with other people because they care about and love you. Space is one method that an Aquarius might express their affection.

If you want to maintain your equation with an Aquarius is to give them time and space to resolve issues on their own. Give them room to develop, and keep in mind that their desire for solitude doesn’t mean they don’t like you!

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